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A Prayer For Epiphany

Oh God, your spirit of wisdom was present at the creation and with Jesus at his baptism: open our hearts to that same Spirit and strengthen and guide us to love and serve you and our neighbors through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

– Daily Prayer for All Seasons, 2014 New York, page 46

Being Scattered And Encountering The Divine.

Our practice as congregations has been to gather in community to worship and the altar guild ministry prepares for this worship.  Now we are living with the virus and we are purposely scattered.  In a New York Times article on August 20, 2020 the Reverend Emily Scott, a Lutheran pastor, calls us to remember the Bible stories about solo journeys in situations of uncertainty down desolate and lonely roads where the divine was often encountered. We are isolated and living in times of great uncertainty.  Where might we be encountering the divine.
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