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Bread: The Staff Of Life
Bread plays an essential role in our worship. Many parishes are even baking their own communion bread. We have three recipes from congregations baking their own communion bread.

St Stephen’s Belvedere
Trinity, Menlo Park
St Paul’s Burlingame

Join Us Saturday, September 29,
9:30am to 1:30pm,
Grace Cathedral, Chapter Dining Room for our Annual Meeting And Worship.

The Staff of Life: the story of wheat and the Spiritual life
In our diocese we are fortunate to have a clergy person with an agricultural chaplaincy, in which farmers, millers, bakers and churches all come together to grow, mill, bake and serve communion bread made from flour grown from ancient strains of wheat without irrigation or pesticides. Come and learn about the essential role that bread played in Jesus’ life and ministry and how it became known as the Staff of Life.

We’ll look at how bread has changed over the centuries and the impact those changes are having on our health, our spiritual life, and on Creation. Come taste and see, yes, we’ll be taste testing!

For more information on Honoré Mill & Farm Honoremill.org

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