Disaster Preparedness

sacristy_kit2The 164th Convention of the Diocese of California passed a resolution requiring all congregations to create a disaster preparedness plan. In response, the Diocesan Altar Guild has assembled portable communion kits with everything needed for communion, including wine. The kits are lightweight, compact, and easily storable in a car trunk or other safe and accessible location. Contact the DAG to order yours.

sacristy_kit1For more information and resources on disaster preparedness in the Diocese of California visit www.diocal.org/disaster.




Resolved, That the 164th Convention of the Diocese of California hereby directs all congregations, diocesan institutions and offices within the Diocese of California to have current disaster preparedness plans;

Resolved, That all such congregations, institutions and offices shall develop such plans, with the aid of the diocese when needed, prior to the 165th Convention of the Diocese of California in 2014;

Resolved, That Executive Council shall establish procedures for monitoring progress in implementing this policy; and

Resolved, That Executive Council or a committee designated by it shall report on the state of disaster preparedness to the 165th Convention of the Diocese.